Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Profile: Green Chromis (Chromis viridis)

Common Name: Green Chromis

Scientific Name: Chromis viridis

Family: Pomacentridae

Max Size: 3"

Min Tank Size: 30 gallon

My Green Chromis: Green & Chrome

Distribution: Found in the Indo-Pacific & Red Sea

Selection: Look for individuals who are not shying away from the pack, have no torn/bit fins and seem interested in their environment.

Food/Feeding: Green Chromis are omnivores. Feed them a good diet of frozen mysis shrimp and other marine fish feed. Variety in their food will help keep them healthy. They are not shy to feed and will start hovering around the top of the tank when you approach looking for food. They will zoom around the tank for food when added.

Environment: They prefer caves and holes they can swim into when they wish to be left alone. They like to swim around and explore.

Behaviour: Green Chrmois are one of the least aggressive damselfish. They school in groups as a defensive mechanism and prefer to have other members around. (They are not solitary fish) It is probably best to keep a group as an odd number as an even number seems to have an odd man out that can be picked on. They add a flash to your tank as they are always on the move and get along well with other tank mates.


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